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I am a Notary Public practising in Adelaide, South Australia. I am a Fellow of the The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries and a Fellow of the Notaries' Society of South Australia.

On 29 October, 1982, Mr Justice Millhouse, of the Supreme Court of South Australia, ordered that I be "admitted to practise as a Public Notary" in the State of South Australia. I took the oath of office on 4 November, 1982.

I was a legal practitioner for over 42 years, before retiring from legal practice in June 2016. I remain a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

This map shows the location of my office. Please note that I see clients by prior appointment only.

Information about my practice, about notaries and about other matters of notarial interest, may be found via the links on the sidebar.

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