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The office of notary is an unique public office of trust and fidelity, which is given recognition throughout the world. Every Australian notary is a senior lawyer of high integrity and long experience, with extensive legal skill and knowledge. Every notarial act calls for the application of those characteristics. Notarial fees reflect this, as well as the gravity of the notarial act.

Notarial fees are not specifically regulated in South Australia. Notaries in this State therefore fix their own fees. 

My fees will generally be charged in accordance with my scale of notarial fees.  However, I reserve the right to charge on a different basis, according to the nature, difficulty or complexity of the matter.

It is not always possible to provide a prior estimate of my fees, but, if provided, any such estimate will not be a binding quotation and will be subject to my assessment of the documents and the work required, once I have all relevant information. The final cost will be determined by the work actually performed.

All fees and disbursements are formally invoiced and receipted. Payment must be made before documents will be released. The following methods of payment are accepted:

I do not offer BPay or credit card facilities.